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Our awards


breakthrough award 2020  / 3rd place

WECONOMY Start-Up Award 

Top 10 most innovative start-ups


Saxon Founders' Prize 2020 / 3rd Prize

17th MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2020 /  winner

TUClab competition

TU Chemnitz, 2018 / Winner

EXIST Research Transfer, BMWi (Project Management Jülich)

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At ligenium, finding a sustainable solution for goods transport, conveyor technology and product protection starts with the initial consultation and doesn't end even if the process changes.

Support right from the start 


Advice & planning

How is it possible to move electronically sensitive components such as control sections or PCBs safely? With no electrostatic discharge or damage, yet sustainably and without slowing production? These and similar problems are the starting point for our consultation. Our engineers will support you through the development and planning of your concept.


Production & Realization

Aligned precisely with your requirements and processes, we will manufacture your solution on our machining center in our in-house production workshop, in series or pilot production, on the basis of our innovative design methods. It goes without saying that we fulfill the requirements for precision that are customary in mechanical engineering.


Integration & implementation

As a first step, we analyze your requirement specification. With integration of the new in mind, we incorporate interfaces to conventional design so as to successfully overcome the “old”. In the process, we ensure compatibility with existing structures and swap out the established design one step at a time.


Employee training

For us, sustainability also means that our solutions guarantee seamless operation. To ensure acceptance of the new applications by your employees and for reliable usability, we offer custom employee training sessions, for example in maintenance.  


Support for changes

Thanks to the modular design, our transport and conveyor technology solutions can be adapted and converted flexibly when your requirements change. We can support you both with forward planning and with the conversion itself.

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TISAX® - certified IT security

When it comes to the security of sensitive information and data, we don’t hold with ifs and buts. As a successfully certified TISAX® participant, we guarantee the following for our customers and partners:


Information security compliant with VDA ISA


Protection of sensitive and confidential information


Assessment by operational services GmbH & Co. KG

Results can be viewed at


Location: Annaberger Strasse 240, 09125 Chemnitz

Scope-ID: S5WVW5

Assessment-ID: AX1FL6-1

TISAX® is a registered trademark and governed by ENX Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA ISA).

Recognition for ligenium

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