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Mission &

CircularBio Economy

next level productivity

Because we are ready for the circular bioeconomy.
At ligenium our use of resources and energy, keeping our generation of waste and emissions to a minimum, is of great importance.
We have big plans and we are gradually progressing with many of them. Our solutions allow us to make use of the renewable resource, wood, for as long as possible in the value creation cycle and thereby make a valuable contribution in reducing carbon emissions.
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To give our load carriers etc. a second life, we plan to recycle waste from ligenium production and remodel decommissioned load carriers into new products through upcycling or, thanks to the modular system, simply plug them together in a different arrangement for other uses. The chips can conceivably be used to create new products with 3D printing; for example, that we can reuse for our production. Our goal is to supply the remnants to the power industry only when there are no further options left.
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