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Because advanced technology combines ecological, economic and technical benefits

From goods lifts and roller conveyors to picking carts, special load carriers, workpiece carriers and lightweight profiles, at ligenium our range of wood-based solutions is designed for the requirements of your industry. Customized, true-to-size, modular and flexible, for both series and one-off applications. Greater productivity for goods transport and intralogistics? It's simple with ligenium.

Load carriers


Picking carts

Workpiece carriers

Small-load carriers

Special load carriers


Conveyor technology

Goods lift

Roller conveyor Suspension gear


Lightweight profiles

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Some companies are really outstanding at sustainability.
Others are great at innovative goods transport for series production.
We can do both.
In mechanical engineering, in logistics and other sectors.
Ladungsträger Fördertechnik Anker

Load carriers

Transport for sustainable intralogistics

Conveyor technology

Sustainable in-plant movement of goods using continuous conveyor technology

Lightweight profiles

The all-rounder for shelving systems, frames etc.

Picking cart

  • Use: In-plant transport of components

  • Modular design, easy to modify, individually adjustable

  • Suitable for flexible transport of a range of components

  • Significant reduction in the number and variety of containers

  • Bases can be joined together and stacked

  • Avoid contact corrosion, e.g. when transporting aluminum components

  • Electrostatic discharge protection

  • Low dead weight

  • Save energy during transport

Wooden Picking Cart


  • Small-load carrier with textile inlay

  • Gentle transport of sensitive components

  • Low dead weight

  • Optimum component protection

  • Lightweight and individually adjustable

  • Suitable for flexible transport of a range of components


Workpiece carrier

  • Gentle transport during delivery and picking of parts and components

  • Reduced sensitivity to knocks

  • Modular wood-based design with a high degree of flexibility for the varied nature of goods being transported

  • Protection for sensitive surfaces

  • Protection against contact corrosion

  • Reduced fire load compared to plastic construction

  • Low, ergonomically optimized dead weight, with a weight saving of up to 50% compared to plastic

Workpiece Carrier

Special load carriers

  • Modular system

  • Reduced maintenance/repair complexity thanks to the plug-in system

  • No corrosion

  • Weight saving of 50% compared to steel construction

  • High continuous-use capability

  • Increased fill level compared to conventional design even when complying with ergonomic limits

  • Modular system which is compatible with all types of connection interface (skid structure, stackability) to the conventional special load carrier standards of automotive manufacturers.

Special Load Carrier

Goods lift

  • Use: High-bay storage or for connecting different conveyor levels

  • Production in different version and load levels based on want and need

  • Integration in existing production and logistics processes

  • Flexible, modular design with option for expansion

  • Quick and easy installation 

  • Good vibration damping and noise reduction

  • Small footprint

Wooden Goods Lift

Suspension gear

  • Use: Suspended transport of passenger car bodies

  • High potential to save weight on mobile load handling equipment resulting in direct savings on operating costs 

  • Increase in load capacity for the same total floor load

  • Reduction in the load-bearing requirement on the building for the same payload

  • Save on driving power

  • Noise reduction in operation

Suspension Gear

Roller conveyor

  • Use: Including classic pallet transport or moving passenger car bodies using “skids”

  • Modular frame system made from modern wood-based materials

  • Lightweight design with massive weight savings compared to conventional metal construction

  • Easy to install and highly flexible when setting up and converting conveyor sections

  • Good vibration damping and noise reduction

  • Low deformation in the event of temperature fluctuations

  • Low outlay on maintenance

  • Highly resistant to aggressive service environment

Roller Conveyor

Lightweight profiles

  • Use: Shelving systems, frames, safety enclosures and custom concepts (e.g. for manual workstations)

  • Rectangular hollow profiles

  • Cross section can be adapted as required – dimensioned according to the bearing load

  • Suitable for different wall thicknesses

  • Dimensions according to individual requirements

  • Low weight with high potential for lightweight construction

Lightweight Wooden Profiles

Our solutions for your situation

Benefits and advantages

of our lightweight design

We never lose sight of your needs

Trying to balance the constant push to increase productivity in mechanical engineering, logistics and the production industry with emissions reduction targets remains a massive challenge. Luckily, with the digitalization of key technologies, such as the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, valuable opportunities to increase safety, efficiency and sustainability are opening up. At ligenium, we keep one eye on these while the other eye is focused on sustainable solutions in lightweight construction, reducing operating costs, creating scope for investment, and supporting flexible production processes.
Customized load carriers, true-to-size conveyor technology and high-performance components – we design and develop durable, resilient solutions for you in lightweight wood-based construction, increasing your in-plant efficiency and reducing your operating costs.
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