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In modern, innovative mechanical engineering, hardly anyone is thinking about wood. But we are. We may be a very young company, but we're a company based on more than 15 years of research and countless hours of development and optimization. At Chemnitz University of Technology, we focused on using wood as a material to bring an efficient, flexible and advanced technology together with a little bit of nature into industrial production to create technically capable and economically successful solutions.
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We have more than 10 years of experience in implementing conveyor technology solutions in wood-based design;
a special expertise in which well-known companies are already putting their faith today.

Key features of ligenium products

Our key features


Knowledge and competence

We are engineers, visionaries, researchers, managers and, of course, entrepreneurs. We bring together a diverse skill set and our maxim is always to develop ecologically and economically worthwhile solutions for our customers. We do not take this goal lightly. You can and should expect the following from us:


Personal consultation

Reliability and flexibility


Tested quality, no compromises

Customized product solutions

Sustainability and environmental protection


Specialist knowledge of materials

Investment in research and development


Industry-standard conformity declaration​

Werkstoff Holz
Modulares System
Hohe elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit
Geringes Risiko einer elektrostatischen Entladung (ESD)
Green Logistics
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Made from wood

The renewable resource wood, and wood-based materials manufactured from it, form the basis for innovative applications that are durable, lightweight, resilient and capable..

Modular system

Modular solutions customized to business requirements for the transport of goods and materials, which offer greater flexibility when the goods being transported change without additional investment costs..

Lightweight design

Lighter than conventional steel and plastic solutions, but just as resilient. Eases the load in ergonomic terms, reduces safety risks and lowers operating and transport costs.

Noise reduction

Specific, adapted designs using the natural material wood for lasting improvement to vibration damping and associated noise abatement

High electromagnetic compatibility

We minimize the risk of losing WiFi or radio signals for reliable real-time supply chain monitoring free from interference and drop-out.

Low risk one electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Wood-based materials dissipate charge, making them perfectly suited to the transport of ESD-sensitive components for a reduced risk of electric shocks, fires and explosions

Corrosion protection

Even when faced with chemical or aggressive environments, wood is more resistant than metal structures.

Low maintenance

Conveyor technology solutions using robust wood-based materials are particularly low maintenance and withstand the daily pressures of intralogistics thanks to specially selected types of wood.

Green Logistics

Use of renewable, resource-efficient raw materials and modular design with plug-in connections for improved energy efficiency thanks to lower weight and optimized ecological footprint.


The pleasant look and feel of the renewable resource wood brings nature into production, manufacturing and goods transport.


The ergonomic configuration of all ligenium solutions increases workplace safety for employees in manufacturing and production.


Uniquely modular character owing to plug-in connections and custom designs for utmost adaptability to new product generations and production processes with direct cost savings.

Optimized fill level

ligenium solutions support complex packing and filling strategies by precisely optimizing the fill level and enabling a high component density for sequence-controlled receptacles.

Carbon balance sheet

Conveyor technology and equipment made from wood reduces carbon emissions  which consequently improves energy and resource efficiency compared with steel.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Alongside reducing our own ecological footprint and the associated improvement in our carbon balance sheet, we take a sustainable approach to all aspects of doing business as a responsibility to our stakeholders and the environment.

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From nature's laboratory  

Nature has spent millions of years honing wood as a material. For a long time, wood was “the” construction material in mechanical engineering and its use was established in history. However, over time it has been pushed out by metal and plastic, and for no good reason as our years of research and development show. For us, wood is a modern, versatile material with massive potential for the future, owing to its excellent properties for increased productivity, seamless processes and a reliable material flow. This remains the case even as requirements flex and grow.
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Sustainability as a success factor

Sustainable actions, production and transport? It's a while since these stopped being ‘nice to have’ and became must-haves. We all know that responsible business operations bring benefits to the company and make it fit for the future, both ecologically and economically.
Granted as a young company ourselves, we're a long way from where we want to be. One step at a time, we are working to improve our ecological footprint and not just in our products. We are also investigating how we can design internal operational processes to be as climate-neutral as possible and improve them from the point of view of resource conservation. We firmly believe that investing in sustainability brings long-term, measurable competitive advantages for our customers, our employees, our supplies and our partners, just as much as it does for us as a business
Modern wood-based materials do not just impress with their homogeneity, resilience and dimensional stability, but in many respects they even exceed metals and plastics. We would be happy to impress you with their quality too.
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