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Because with us, custom is standard

Every industry is different with its own specific requirements, circumstances and challenges. That in itself is nothing new, but it forms the basis for our modular products and solutions. With our solid knowledge from years of research into all aspects of wood and wood-based materials in mechanical engineering and in demanding applications, we know precisely how to resolve industry-specific problems efficiently, reliably and for the long term. We are currently focusing on conveyor technology, load carriers, special load carriers and logistics solutions in automotive production.
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Modular and flexible, capable and durable, fully compatible with the latest digital technologies and compliant with current sustainability requirements – these are advantages for many industries though, not just one.



Autonomous and connected driving, e-mobility, shared mobility and Industry 4.0 – the list of current trends in the automotive manufacturer and supplier industry is long and constantly changing. However, one thing hasn't changed: high investment expenditure with rising operating costs and persistent pricing pressure. Increasingly, these are being supplemented with growing requirements in the context of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and climate change.

In this rapidly changing business environment, we offer wood-based solutions that combine innovation and sustainability. Our solutions are not only highly resilient and mechanically capable, they are also electromagnetically compatible and with no risk of electrostatic discharge.

This scenario  is both exciting and challenging since, using our expertise in the natural material wood, we offer innovative, sustainable solutions for machines, systems, conveyor technology and intralogistics, as well as for components. This is the case especially when talking about processes that offer great potential that can be realized quickly such as production and in-house logistics. We are also continuing to work on and research our vision of using wood in the car itself due to its excellent material characteristics.



The aerospace industry is characterized by constant innovations. The latest digital technologies, Industry 4.0 and AI, are of particular relevance for companies in this special sector alongside the push to improve sustainability.


Load carriers – cargo boxes – need to be light in order to save as much weight as possible, to increase freight capacity and reduce fuel consumption per load. This is precisely what can be achieved with our lightweight solutions, along with impressive opportunities to make savings compared with conventional aluminum solutions. The same applies to load carrier solutions in the aviation industry, which are often quite enormous and therefore incredibly heavy in comparison with the relatively light components they are transporting.

Construction industry


The construction industry is booming. For many years now, demographic, structural and social change has ensured constant rates of growth. In the process, a wide range of innovations have made their way into even this hitherto traditional industry. These innovations range from building design in 3D, to digital recording of all stages of a building project, to challenges of e-mobility, specifically the charging infrastructure, and to requirements in terms of sustainable construction.

In construction as well, conserving resources and behaving responsibly does not begin only with the selection of building materials, but also with the decision to use modular, flexibly standardizable equipment of wood-based design.


Beverage industry


Breweries, manufacturers of carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, and those in the wholesale and retail beverage trade, these companies are confronted with a whole host of challenges. On the one hand, high competition, frequent new beverage trends and process efficiencies and on the other, increasing requirements for energy efficiency and sustainability both of the range and in production.

Companies who take their responsibilities in terms of climate change seriously and at the same time want to combine productivity with reduced operating costs are looking for innovative opportunities. One of these could be to switch to load carriers and conveyor technology made from resilient, stable and durable wood-based materials.



Wood instead of metal: ligenium makes life easier for logistics specialists. For in-house logistics in particular, heavy transport trolleys and special load carriers made from metal are still used in many industries. The dead weight of these is often 10 times higher than that of the goods being conveyed. If this applies to the transport of goods too, this has a massive impact on fuel consumption and therefore on transport costs and carbon footprint. Little by little, day by day.


The enormous weight savings are one thing. Reliable resilience, stability, durability with no corrosion issues are another. With our plug-in modular kit system, we also offer great flexibility when it comes to application and goods transport, both by truck and on the shop floor.

Mechanical and plant engineering


The development of innovative concepts for machines and systems has always been a priority for the large German manufacturing industry and makes companies competitive even against international rivals. When we consider the digital transformation, fluctuating demand and unstable markets, this love of innovation is a valuable factor.

Cloud computing, predictive maintenance and connected systems communicating in real time are increasingly a necessity. The same applies to ecological responsibility, which is now expected as standard from future-proof companies. Load carriers, conveyor technology and profile systems that offer just this and at the same time guarantee performance, compatibility with highly sensitive digital technology and durability are what make ligenium an ideal partner for the exacting businesses in this sector.

Wooden Picking Cart
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Whatever your specific requirements, come and talk to us about them. Our strength lies in finding and implementing innovative solutions, no matter what sector.
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