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ISO certifications

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ISO Zertifizierung

ISO certification 

Ligenium GmbH offers various industries with "wood in mechanical engineering" concepts a sustainability contribution for logistical processes. Regardless of whether conveyor technology components or load carriers - the lower weight of wood-based materials compared to conventional materials will always be an advantage. Significant for all types of transport and thus directly impacting the CO2 balance.
In order to provide this concept with solid basic structures, it requires the standardization of processes, the creation of awareness in the area of quality and environmental management as well as the orientation towards market needs. If these do not exist, standards have to be created.
To support these goals, we have implemented the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.
We create trust, commit ourselves to increasing the efficiency of our own processes and minimize the number of errors in the product development process. In addition to internal benchmarking systems, the company benefits from a legal compliance program, risk management elements and a better understanding of the company context in the current area of activity.
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