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Innovative material transport solutions for mechanical engineering, production and logistics

Our load carriers, conveyor technology, lightweight profiles and custom-fit applications for production and logistics are technically sophisticated, resilient and durable. Our innovative lightweight solutions provide support to companies in the implementation of seamless processes, of a reliable flow of materials and of constantly changing transportation requirements in the automotive industry and mechanical and plant engineering industry as well as in logistics and other sectors.
Our core competence is in the development, manufacture and sale of technical components, machine elements, machines and complete systems using wood-based construction. We use wood as a material to create environmentally sound, advanced technologies that bring a bit of nature into production and logistics – with excellent economic and ecological benefits.

Welcome to the experts in smooth and flexible goods transport with sustainable impacts

Automotive Procurment Forum

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Wood and digitization

On the way to a climate-neutral digital supply chain.

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ligenium is a pioneer in the world of lightweight construction

CEO Christoph Alt in an interview

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Higher, faster, further? Today, we see productivity differently:
It’s about technical solutions that can be calculated individually and flexibly, with economy and ecology in mind.
For greater efficiency, improved sustainability, and lower operating costs.
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All-round stars –
Solutions from ligenium

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Reduce costs for equipment, logistics and storage & provide excellent support for digitalization



Save resources, reduce emissions & comply with climate protection legislation



Improve ergonomics, reduce noise & fulfill corporate social responsibility



Use modular solutions, benefit from flexible approach & increase profitability

If you are asking yourself how you can attain the next level for your productivity with economic and ecological wins, ask us. We are listening. We think logically, ahead and outside the box.
Whatever the challenge you’re facing, we will take it on for you.
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Recognition for ligenium
Although we like nothing better than to talk about our solutions and the opportunities they provide, we are also happy to let others have their say on the matter. Discover what prestigious juries and experts think of the performance and future capabilities of our products.

Our awards

Industry expertise at ligenium
Automotive, aerospace, construction or beverage industries, logistics or mechanical and plant engineering – however varied and complex the requirements of industry may be, our modular, flexible and durable technology provides true-to-size, custom solutions for a sustainable step forward.

Our industry expertise

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